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May 29, 2015



The World First Flexible Stone is Now Available in Malaysia

Now, combining the natural characteristics of natural stone and inorganic materials comes the world 1st and pioneering flexible stone series enable designers and architects a wider scope of out-fitting concepts that are innovative and the final designed pieces and structures bear the resemblance of the natural characteristics of stone yet a budget price only.  

MCM's flexi stone series combine the desire characteristics of hardwood, leather, natural rubber and the unique surfaces and texture of natural stones.  Designers can now boldly adopt concepts hitherto made impossible by natural stones due to its heavy mass, inability to craft out complicated contours and shapes with MCM's flexible stone series due to its light weight and flexible traits.

Engineered for easy cleaning, high resistance to abrasive incidents and high resistance to stains.

The product can be applied to a variety of applications, be it a hotel, retail boutique, F&B, entertainment outlets or for residential use.  

MCM Flexi stone is a Green Product-recyclable or even can use as soil for agriculture use in its original form.